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Make the Most of Your Mobile Site

Make the Most of Your Mobile Site

You’ve spent time making sure your blog looks exactly the way you want — it’s got personality and complements your content. But what about the people who read your blog on a phone or tablet? Have you looked at your blog on a three-inch screen to see what they see?
Luckily, it’s easy to make sure your blog looks great, no matter the size of the screen.

Understanding mobile themes.

We assume you want your blog to look good on mobile devices. If you’re using a responsive theme (more on that below), you’re all set. Otherwise, we’ve taken the liberty of checking off the “Enable Mobile Theme” box, found in the Appearance >> Mobile section of your dashboard:
mobile options
A responsive theme automatically adjusts itself for the size of the screen, so your blog still looks like your blog but is fast and mobile-friendly. Every new theme release is responsive, as are some older themes — see if your theme is on the list.
A responsive theme might shrink your sidebar to make more room for the main column, or turn words into symbols to save space (just like your dashboard does when you use it on a phone), but will always maintain the overall look of your blog:

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